HOW TO APPLY antique furniture in a modern interior.

HOW TO APPLY antique furniture in a modern interior.
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HOW TO APPLY antique furniture in a modern interior.
HOW TO APPLY antique furniture in a modern interior.

Antiques – this is old and valuable items. Often they are trafficked and often acquired by collectors – people with high incomes and who are prone to the aristocracy. Of course, such people are few. However, in almost every family has some heirlooms, objects that are passed from generation to generation. Often they become the objects of interior.
Let’s look at variations in the placement of antiques in modern interiors.
In the living room
The first and most important thing to remember when dealing with antiques – a game of contrasts. And the contrasts are greater, the better it looks old thing.
Place the old cracked wood surface in close proximity to the pristine new mirror, chrome elements, velvet and natural pure linen. Search for an antique object the place of honor – in the center of the room, or so it is visible from the entrance.
Complex in the restoration may be old carpentry. If you live in the house of the last century, think twice before changing this rare beauty on the doors of MDF. Give them to the restoration, and your apartment will become the chic, which is simply impossible to replicate using new materials.
Perhaps you have at dacha in the closet or in the attic lying a real treasure. Explore the area, and if you hit something worthwhile, be sure to find such a thing in the living room. It may be the life of an old watch, as in the photo above, decoration, sculpture, or something like that. Do not hide in the back of what you need to proudly flaunt.
In the bedroom
The bedroom particularly relevant will look antique frames for pictures and mirrors. You can either just clean them from dust and dirt, and restore. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not turn into a parody value, a dense layer of colored paint.
In the dining room
In the dining room especially advantageous to look antique items such as chandeliers or floor sculptures. Also it can be a bright accent antique chair at the head table, which is adjacent to the modern set of seats.
If you happen to be the owner of the dinette of good quality, easy restoration will transform it into a masterpiece. New upholstery, painting with crazing to semi-antique – and then it is done.
The upholstery of antique furniture can be deliberately lush. Use a tapestry, velvet, velour. To maintain the vintage theme, make good use of a mirror in a duet with the effect of antiquity. Other furnishings in the room should be revealing new and modern.
In the bathroom
In the bathroom, use old antique furniture, which is now virtually no mass production – cupboards and storage cabinets on high legs and other fanciful objects. They will become the main decoration of your bathroom. Support can be in classical performance mixers – here about a real rarity is to forget – functionality – first and foremost.

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