How to arrange a small backyard

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How to arrange a small backyard
How to arrange a small backyard

Very often, urban homes cannot boast of the presence of a large surrounding area. Usually in front of house there is a place for parking cars or arrangement of the garage and all the recreation, games and cooking outdoors have to move to the back yard, the size of which is very limited.
In this case, would be effective arrangement of wooden platform or deck as the basis for arrangement of patio or dining area outdoors. Perennials in bulk beds around the perimeter or near the fence not only beautify your backyard, but also hide your site from prying eyes.
Next, you will only have to choose garden furniture that will provide for the organization of recreational or outdoor dining. Currently, there are many options for outdoor furniture for every taste and wallet size. The most popular among our compatriots enjoy outdoor furniture made of plastic (affordable price and ease of transportation) and artificial rattan (looks respectable and expensive). Choosing furniture for the private patio will depend on your financial capacity, frequency of operation and the ability to care for furniture.
A decoration for your backyard can become a hedge. In addition to the main goal – fencing of the area and protection from intrusion, the fence can perform a decorative function. Its framework can serve as a basis for the location of twine plant, forming a combined fence or enclosure design itself can be allocated on the general background of landscape design.
For outdoor dining area it is better to use light, but stable furniture that you will be able to place under a canopy or in a room, tucked away for storage in winter. If the entire composition is maintained in the dining area in near colors, a place to eat a meal will delight and soothe, creating a peaceful atmosphere. If you decide to use a bright accent furniture or decor, the dining area will be the situation tonic, charging optimism and good humor. It all depends on the temperament of the owners of home and the results that they want to get from staying in the backyard.
Besides the organization of recreational and dining area in the back yard you can place a segment for cooking kebabs and barbecue. Will it be a focus of a stationary, portable grill, a real Russian stove or a large grill – it all depends on your preferences and the size of the patio. But in any case, you will need to take care of places to sit by the fire and a table that will perform a variety of functions.

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