Swimming pool in a country house – shocking design ideas

Swimming pool in a country house – shocking design ideas
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Interesting ideas of arranging swimming pools in the garden
Interesting ideas of arranging swimming pools in the garden

Presence of the swimming pool in the room or in the yard of a country house speaks not only about the financial welfare of the homeowners, but also about the possibility of spending time actively and with use for health within their own homes.
Thanks to modern technology, you can organize a swimming pool on the site or in a country cottage not having large spaces and large sums of money. But it is important to remember that you should not economize on services of engineers and designers , as well as on building materials.
Ideas of indoor swimming pool arrangement
For those who spend most of time of the year out of town, will be suitable the variant of organization of the swimming pool in the basement or on the first floor of the building. You should not put it higher because of the safety rules and characteristics of the organization of engineering systems for domestic reservoirs.
Indoor swimming pool offers a lot of advantages to homeowners – to use them at any time of the year, despite the bad weather outside, and also to take care of the body of water in space is much easier and cheaper.
The design of the indoor pool does not require any frills, relatively simple and concise, neutral colors and a few bright accents to set the mood are enough. After all, the main objective of the utilitarian premises – is to provide the opportunity to enjoy a swim and relax.
In the design of indoor pools, designers often turn to methods of oriental style. Solid finish of all the surfaces, the minimum required accessories and contrasting spots.
Rare sauna, located in a private country house complete without a pool. A small pond with cool water will refresh and give tone after a hot steam bath. The contrast of temperatures – a great way of tempering and maintaining health at the proper level.
Design of outdoor swimming pool
Most homeowners prefer to place the artificial pond near the cottage, for example, in the site. Of course, swimming in the fresh air – is more active than the analogical actions indoors.
But this way of placing the pool also has slight complications – limiting with weather conditions, a much more thorough cleaning of water (leaves, twigs and other rubbish can be collected on the surface) and the need for preventive measures relating to the possible freezing of the pond in winter. All these inconveniences are easy to handle, the more so in our time there are enough high-tech ways to help homeowners with outdoor swimming pools.

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